- This contract is regulated by the Spanish Law.

- The jurisdiction place will be exclusively Palma, Baleares, Spain.

- The customer shall accept responsability for the care and the return of the bike and

accesories (lock, keys, helmets…). The customer NEVER shall make any changes on the bike

(fixing, changing adjustement…), in that case the deposit won’t be returned.

- The bicycles must be returned in the same condition as they where rented out. Any damage

discovered upon return of bycicles and accesories shall be compensated by the customer.

- The user must lock correctly the bike when they don't have them in sight.

- In case of any equipment being lost or stolen, the customer must pay Speed Bike Mallorca a

fee to cover such loss or theft. The fees payable shall be: lock 19€, key 6€, helmet 50€, lights

25€, brakes

25€, pedals 50€, saddle 50€, broken wheel 350€. In case of theft of the bycicle a fee os

1.800€ must be paid.

- A deposit of 100€ (or an original id) shall be collected when the bike is hired. The deposit

shall be refunded upon return of the bike if it is returned in the same state as it was hired out.

The deposit fee is charged as a precautionary measure in view of the possible damage and

non-return of the bike an accesories hired out.

- Payment ofr both rental and the deposite fees shall be paid in full and in advance upon


- A delay in the return of hired bycicles shall incur the payment of the stipulated late fee

- The customer is must respect the traffic laws and rules and therefore is responsible for all

damages caused as a consequence of any accident that occurs during the use of the bike.

- The user is aware of the risk of cycling an dwill be solely responsible for the damages to

themserlves, to others, to property, mvable or state by normal or abnormal use of the bikes.

- Radev Sport SL is not responsible for any fines or penalties that may result from the breach

of traffic laws. In case of punch or any other mechanical problem, the customer shall go the

any of our rental points and we will change or repair the bike. The customer will take care of

the expenses of the transport to the rental point.

- As compliance with the Data Protection Act, Article 5 we inform of the existence of a file or

processing of personal data, in order to be able to reach you in case of accident or breach of

contract and under the responsibility of Bozhidar Stefanov Radev. This file will be kept for one

year for the internal statistic of Speed Bike Mallorca. After a year it will be destroyed. Under no

circumstances we sell information to third parties. We inform the user of the possibility of

exercising rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by sending an email to

info@speedbikemallorca.com, or by sending a letter to Speed Bike Mallorca, Avenue / Joan

Miro, Local 290 C. 07015 Palma de Mallorca, Baleares.

- The customer has acepted this contract by contiueing the booking at our webpage, where has

been presented at the product before the booking, at the terms and conditions page and also

sended by email.